Issue with Weed Growth in Newly Landscaped Area

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Maintaining Your Fresh Landscape

For those with years of landscaping experience, weeds are a persistent and familiar presence in many yards. While some properties are lucky to have minimal weed issues, others can find themselves overwhelmed. Although each property is unique, weeds are an inevitable factor.

There is a common suggestion to use Weed Barrier Fabric, but we strongly advise against it for several reasons. In the majority of cases we’ve encountered over decades, these barriers tend to fail within one to two years. After this period, they become ineffective, and removing them when weeds resurface can be labor-intensive and expensive.

To explore more reasons why weed barriers may not be beneficial, and for additional information and photos, please refer to our article on “Weed Fabrics and Why We Advise Against Them.”

If you’ve had a new landscape installed before, you might have noticed an increase in weed growth afterward. One reason for this could be the introduction of new topsoil to lift and provide fresh nutrients. However, some topsoils may also contain weeds, leading to increased weed growth after installation.

How can I take care of weeds?

To combat this, we recommend staying vigilant. Beyond adjusting your watering routine in the first few weeks and months, we suggest spraying for weeds at least once a month, especially if weeds appear overwhelming. Effective weed-killing sprays such as “Ground Clear” (available at Home Depot or Lowes) can be used. Note that Round Up has been removed from stores due to dangerous toxins.

Ensure not to spray plants, as it may damage them, and we do not warranty plants affected by poisons. Follow the instructions on the bottle carefully. Eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions are available, and you can find various options on our Pinterest “Gardening” Board.

For quick results, weed sprays usually work within weeks and can last a month or more, particularly for tougher yards. During times of hot weather and increased rain, monthly spraying may be necessary. Over time, consistent weed control efforts should reduce their quantity and make them more manageable.

It might take six months or more for significant improvement, so staying vigilant or instructing your lawn care company to do so is essential. If you require assistance, we offer cleanup services, weeding, trimming, mulching, and planting projects. We also offer yard/lawn maintenance, weekly/biweekly near Orinda, CA & Walnut Creek CA.

Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance.