Growing Guide: How to Grow Liatris



About Liatris

Attractive blooms and vibrant foliage are what make Liatris stand out in the landscape. Liatris plants are versatile, easy to grow and provide many uses in the garden. They can be grown nearly anywhere! You can grow them in beds, pots and containers. They make excellent cut flowers (fresh or dried!). Commonly grown in full sun, however some types can handle a little bit of shade. Hardiness in zones 5-9 with some varieties hardy in zones 3 and 4 when using mulch.

How to Grow

  1. Plant in the spring and find a spot with full sun (they can tolerate some shade)
  2. To allow good air circulation, space bulbs at least a foot apart.
  3. Be sure that the soil has good drainage (especially in winter), the roots can rot if sitting in wet soil.
  4. Water new plants weekly in dry weather until a strong root system is established. Once the plants have matured, they will tolerate dry spells as they bulbs naturally retain water. An inch of water per week throughout the summer is a fair estimate.

How to Care

  1. Water your newly planted Liatris as needed for the first few weeks.
  2. Once established, they will require little water (allow soil to dry between watering).
  3. If grown in healthy soil, they don’t require fertilizer, however you can add fertilizer before new growth in the spring to give them a good start.