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junk removal

If you’re looking around and spot a bunch of trash to get rid of, you’re also probably wondering what the most effective and low-cost disposal option is. Maybe you’re in the middle of spring cleaning. Some clever decluttering methods will help get the small things out of the way, but what about those big junk jobs?

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Moving into a fixer-upper, clearing out years of storage, or renovating your living space are just a few situations where debris can’t just be tossed in a trash bag. For some projects you need to call in some help to get the job done quicker. When talking about these kind of big junk jobs, two of the most popular options include renting a dumpster or hiring a junk removal crew. You can also find more information about junk removal in Yarding.net.

So, what’s the difference between calling out a junk crew and renting your own dumpster? Let’s look at a few benefits of both. We’ll also tell you how you can get rid of junk in your home by yourself.

Working at Your Own Pace

Big projects with a lot of junk often take longer than a day to complete, and junk removal crews charge for each trip they make to your house. When you’ve got a floor to replace or a garage to clean out, time is your biggest asset. You need to plan the project, get everything sorted, and clean it all up. With a dumpster, you have two weeks of dumping access and a range of canister sizes, so there are no multiple trips or hourly-rate time crunches.

Another piece to consider is that you care more about your stuff than a stranger does. Although the items you’re moving are trash, you’re often moving it over, under, or around property you actually want to keep. A junk hauling team has other appointments to make and can be in a rush. You and your friends or family will be the most careful about not damaging your home in the process of a big junk cleanup.

Staying Active

Some people don’t mind spending a little time getting a workout whenever they can. Taking the stairs over the elevator, parking in the far side of the lot, or handling your junk haul by yourself are all great ways to fit exercise into tasks that need to be done anyways. Turn up the volume on your radio, put on some safety gear, and get ready to sweat!

Large and Lengthy Junk Jobs

It is safe to say that bigger renovation or cleanup projects generate more junk than your everyday pick-up truck could handle. Also, not all projects can be taken care of in one or two trips.

Whether you’re contracted for a job, fixing up a home you live in, or rearranging a newly purchased home, you’re going to need somewhere to put all that junk. Dumpsters are a great place for building materials, scrap metal, general garbage, and a variety of other things.

You’ll want to take note of what type of clutter you’ll be throwing in the canister. There are different guidelines for different dumpster companies. Unfortunately, you can’t throw anything and everything into a dumpster. Asphalt, freon appliances, and electronics are a few items that can’t be placed in a rental can. Most garbage should be okay.

It’s much easier to toss all your lumber, junk, or other big and bulky items into a dumpster, rather than the bed of somebody’s pick-up truck.