October fruit and veg with Monty

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With lower light levels and chillier weather, things in the fruit and veg garden are slowing down now – but there are still jobs to get done. In the below video clips, Monty shows how to plant bare-root strawberries, gives support to Brussels sprouts with sturdy stakes and picks the last of his squashes.

More October fruit and veg ideas:

Planting bare-root strawberries

Monty demonstrates how to plant bare-root strawberries, giving them a good start by adding mycorrhizal fungi around the roots.

Staking Brussels sprouts

Monty shows how to stake Brussels sprouts to support these tall plants over the autumn and into winter.

Harvesting squash

Part one

October is a good time to gather in the last of the squashes. In the vegetable garden, Monty’s Uchiki Kuri onion squashes are now ready to harvest.

Part two

Having harvested his squashes, Monty explains why it is important to let them ripen in the sunshine.