The Easiest Way to Clean Gutters

gutters clean up

It is advisable to gutters cleaning on a day without rain. Working at height involves risks, so it’s recommended to use safety elements. To prepare your house in advance and prevent rainwater from entering your home. You need to keep your gutters and downspouts clean and in good condition. As in many other systems in a house, most of the time they fail due to carelessness, negligence or simply forgetfulness. Debris such as leaves, branches, seeds and pods clog the gutters and downspouts, damaging their fluidity. Which is very important in the evacuation of rainwater, especially when the winter season approaches. Contact us to get you gutters clean up!

How to get your gutters cleaning


gutters cleaning how to

  • Support it on a firm base, never on the gutters, as there is a risk of damaging them or, if they are loose, they could not support the weight of the ladder.
  • If you must put it on grass, it is better to place a board under the legs to have better support.

gutters cleaning how to

  • Use gloves to pick up the leaves and branches that are blocking the flow of water. You can help yourself with a garden spade.
  • Do not forget to have a garbage bag handy to throw away the waste without having to go down the stairs.
  • Clean up accumulated dirt. A brush is useful for this (keep in mind that if it is made of hard or metallic bristles it could damage the PVC gutters).

gutters cleaning how to

  • Rinse with a pressurized water jet to remove any residue.
  • The most practical thing is to use a hose with a pressure piston, which allows you to cut off the passage of water by turning the piece without having to go down the ladder.
  • Direct the stream to the downspouts as well to flush out any clogging objects.


Great tricks for Gutters Cleaning

  1. Clean them twice a year. That is the minimum regularity with which you have to clean your gutters. If you live in an area with heavy rains or you have trees very close you should do it more often, it all depends on how many leaves accumulate. Forgetting to clean them can also result in the debris rotting, which attracts ants and mosquitoes.
  2. Take care of your safety when cleaning them. It is very important that you have a high ladder and in good condition to avoid accidents. Also, if you can get hold of it, a harness would be ideal. Imagine how dangerous it can be to fall from the roof without protection. Try to do this activity always accompanied by someone below you who can get you what you need, never alone.
  3. Use the right tools. In addition to a ladder, you will need tongs, small nozzle vacuum cleaners, a broom, a brush, a hose, a mask, gloves, scissors, a shovel and a spatula. Depending on how you want to do the cleaning, some materials will be more necessary than others.
  4. Don’t neglect accessories. Do not forget that when you get on the roof if it has not been maintained, you may notice that there are some breaks, so it is also important that you have screws, rivets, a wick and other tools at hand to fix it.
  5. Prevent everything you can. Since you are going to get on the roof, take the opportunity to carry out all the necessary work to improve the operation of your sewers. An excellent idea is prevention. You can install mesh cloth or special fence for these tasks. Not cheaply, but it is an expense that you can afford, especially if you live in an area with a lot of trees.

More tricks for Gutters

  1. Get ready for the task. The first thing is that you should know that if you are afraid of heights, this task is not for you, don’t even try it, it can be very dangerous. Start by keeping all the necessary tools in a special drawer, with which you are going to climb. Do not forget that it is always common to forget something, and for that your assistant will be there, who must be attentive to help you.
  2. Start from the corners. Once you get on the roof you will be able to see where your gutters are. It’s best to start from a corner, close to where the water goes down, pushing the debris to the other side, so you don’t clog it up even more. Start by removing the large debris (always with gloves on to avoid injuries) and then go for the smaller ones.
  3. Rinse well when you’re done. When you have removed all the leaves, seeds, roots and any other element that was obstructing your gutters, rinse with a hose, so you can remove dust and other small elements that you could not remove with your hands.
  4. Go for the obstructions. Sometimes no matter how thoroughly you clean gutters, debris remains in the downspouts. There are several options to get rid of them, one is to use a powerful vacuum cleaner or water spray from below to loosen them and another is to use a plumbing snake to help you remove them. There are also some products on the market, such as pipe gutters cleaneing.
  5. Don’t forget to check periodically. All very nice, you clean your gutters one day and time passes, the years… and you don’t do it again. Remember, it is essential that you do the cleaning from time to time, when you think it is necessary. Periodic review will help you to prevent leaves from accumulating and thus avoid major problems. Find more information about gardening and yard on