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Delft Blue Tile With Tulips

Our top ten true blue flower bulbs for a cool, chic vibe

Last week I visited the historic city of Delft, and I was reminded once more that although orange is considered to be our national color, there’s an undeniable link between the Netherlands and the color blue. The blue of our skies (when it isn’t raining), the blue of the water that we’ve worked so long and hard to control and make work for us instead of against us, and definitely the blue of the world famous Delftware : blue & white crockery and tiles depicting everyday scenes, geometric motifs and floral patterns, especially tulips. Although in real life the blue tulips you see on Delftware are actually red, purple, white or yellow, true blue flower bulbs do exist, and we’re very proud to be growing some of the best examples on our farms.

Our top ten true blue flower bulbs:

Blue is very much a color of late winter and early spring, when the first small flower bulbs brave the cold conditions to let us know spring is really on its way.

  1. One of the first blue flower bulbs to come up is Dwarf Iris Reticulata. This is a hardy survivor with royal blue petals and fat yellow stamens which will look great under shrubbery and trees.
  2. Reticulata blooms together with its pointy-petaled cousin Dwarf Iris Reticulata Cantab, a fragrant naturalizer that might even multiply if planted in the right place.
  3. At the tips of its tiny petals Chionodoxa Lucilea is a deep royal blue, but slowly the color moves into a snow-white heart. Great for carpet planting.
  4. The next one to bloom is Siberian Squill, a blue flower bulb very suitable for planting in rockeries. Bonus: it’s deer resistant.
  5. By now it’s mid spring, which means it’s time for hyacinths. The petals of Hyacinth Blue Jacket have dark blue hearts with palest blue edges, and the flower has a divine fragrance.
  6. Flower bulbs that look like daisies? Anemone Blanda Blue Shades makes it look easy, with their sun-shaped light blue blooms with a white heart.
  7. The darkest blue of this top ten can be found at the bottom half of Muscari Latifolium, a super cute, two-toned (and fragrant) flower that blooms in early to mid-spring.
  8. Muscari Mount Hood lives on the other side of the color-spectrum, with florets moving from mid-blue to almost-white at the top of the flower.
  9. In general, blue & big don’t often go together in the world of flower bulbs, but Camassia Esculanta likes to be the exception to this rule. Growing up to 28 inches, its purplish-blue pointy petals look amazing when planted in groups.
  10. If the well-being of bees, butterflies and other pollinators is important to you, planting Spanish bluebells is an excellent way to support these important critters. Spanish Bluebell Excelsior Blue blooms in mid- to late spring and is a great naturalizer, meaning they come back year after year.

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