Weeding Services near me – how it works?


We know the answers you’re hoping to hear: Weed killer works right away! It lasts forever! Weeds? What weeds? Sorry. It doesn’t work that way. Weed control is kind of complicated. It’s science, remember? Weeding services near me.

How long does weeding control take to work? How long does weed control last?


At least we can give you the answers fast.

Timing is Everything: Pre-Emergent Vs. Post-Emergent Weed Control

Pre-emergent weed control targets weed seeds before they sprout. What a great invention, right?

Post-emergent weed killers zap weeds once they already exist.

It’s important to know the difference, and to follow the product instructions when it comes to timing and application. You don’t want to waste your time and money using products that don’t work.

Crabgrass is a great example of the importance of pre-emergent weed killer.

Applying weed killer isn’t a one-time thing. It needs to happen multiple times a year. Different weeds grow at different times throughout the seasons.

What is a weed?

The dictionary says that a weed is ‘A wild (not deliberately cultivated) plant growing where it is not wanted.’ By this definition, virtually any plant that’s growing where we don’t want it to grow is a weed.

But it’s those unwanted plants that invade and threaten to take over your paths, patios, flower beds, borders and lawns that are the real problem. If you need any help identifying plants that are commonly thought of as weeds, we have recently written an article showing the characteristics for identifying weeds.

That’s why a comprehensive lawn care program is important for real weed control. You don’t have to worry about questions like “how long does weed killer last?” because we stay ahead of them and treat them regularly from spring through fall.

You get six perfectly-timed visits throughout the year with Lawn Buddies. Our weed-hunting techs are on the job from spring through fall targeting weeds.

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