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What Is Full Service Lawn Care Alamo, CA?

If you’re interested in having a beautiful lawn and landscape – without spending hours of work on it every weekend. You’ve probably asked yourself, “What is full service lawn care?” Well, it’s simple.

Full service lawn care is the best way that you can enjoy a beautiful, well-maintained lawn and landscaping without any work at all – simply pay a professional service to take care of your lawn, and enjoy the spectacular results of a well-tended landscape.


What To Expect From us

Debris Removal

When it comes to understanding what is full service lawn care, debris removal is one of the most important elements to understand. Typically, comprehensive debris removal is performed during the early spring.

Professional lawn care service providers are debris-removal specialists. They’ll blow away your leaves, pick up sticks and other objects, and make sure that your lawn is spic & span – and ready for the growing season.

Weed Control/Fertilization

Weed control and fertilization are also crucial services. The best lawn care service providers are specialists at weed control and fertilization. Providing a comprehensive coating of both fertilizer and weed control, so that your lawn has the best opportunity to thrive. To nourish plants, and specialized weedkiller compounds that target common weeds such as dandelions and clovers.


What is full service lawn care Alamo, CA? Mowing probably comes to mind! Naturally, a healthy lawn needs mowing – and full service lawn care specialists will be happy to take care of your lawn mowing needs.

Usually, you can set your own schedule for your residential lawn mowing service – typically, a mowing schedule of between 1-2 weeks is the best, providing ideal length for your grass, and keeping it healthy – while not leaving it too short.

Trimming Bushes And Hedges

Most lawn care services are happy to maintain your bushes and hedges.

If desired, your lawn care service can trim down large bushes into more aesthetically pleasing shapes, and ensure that the growth of your bushes and hedges stays reasonable. And never blocks other elements of your landscaping. Also, his is usually done fairly infrequently – about every month or two throughout the spring, summer, and early fall.