October wildlife gardening with Monty

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Lots of wildlife has entered hibernation by October, but there’s still plenty you can do to turn your outdoor space into a wildlife haven? In this collection of videos from BBC Gardeners’ World, Monty explains how to create a willdflower meadow in three steps, and shares some of the plants that pollinators will love.

More October wildlife gardening ideas:

Creating a wildflower meadow – part one

To prepare for making a wildflower meadow in the orchard, Monty scarifies the grass to reduce its vigour and expose bare soil ready to sow wildflower seeds.

Creating a wildflower meadow – part two

Monty moves to the second stage of making his wildflower meadow by sowing a pollen and nectar mix. He adds yellow rattle, also known as the meadow-maker, which is semi-parasitic on grass helping to reduce its vigour to let the wildflowers thrive.

Creating a wildflower meadow – part three

To complete his wildflower meadow, Monty adds camassia bulbs to complement the wild daffodils that are already established in the orchard.