October seed sowing with Monty

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Autumn is setting in this month, so wrap up warm and head into the garden to start off some of next year’s blooms. In these videos from BBC Gardeners’ World, Monty is sowing sweet peas to over-winter, demonstrating how to plant a bulb lasagne with Rachel de Thame, and getting tulips in the ground towards the end of the month.

More October seed sowing ideas:

Sowing sweet peas

If you have storage space for sweet peas over winter, then October is a good time to sow. In this Gardeners’ World TV clip, Monty sows one of the oldest sweet peas called ‘Painted Lady’.

Bulbs in layers

Part one

Monty and Rachel demonstrate how to plant a bulb lasagne. They use a gritty compost and begin by planting tulips, hyacinths and daffodils.

Part two

To complete their bulb lasagne, Monty and Rachel explain how to finish the pot with grit and where to place it over winter.

Planting tulips in borders

Monty plants soft lemon tulips ‘Budlight’ and ‘Honky Tonk’ in his new beds on the mound, interplanted with yellow wallflower ‘Primrose Bedder’. Tulip bulbs can be planted in the ground any time from late October to December, with November being the ideal month for planting.