September fruit and veg with Monty

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Harvests from the fruit and veg garden keep coming throughout September, as a reward for hard work earlier in the year. Monty shares his advice for pumpkin and squash harvests, explains how to keep your herb garden in good condition over winter and offers his top tips for picking apples.

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Harvesting pumpkins and squashes

In this clip, Monty harvests his pumpkins and squashes, demonstrating where to cut to avoid damaging fruits and give them the best chance of storing well.

Jobs in the autumn herb garden

As we go into autumn, Monty shows how to maximise your herb harvest over winter and how to cut back herbs like marjoram and thyme now for healthy plants next year.

Picking apples

Watch as Monty demonstrates the best way to test when apples are ready to pick. In the orchard, he starts to gather windfalls and has some suggestions about how to use these apples for juicing.