September wildlife gardening with Monty Don

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Many creatures are beginning to enter hibernation, but it’s still important to keep wildlife in mind during September. Watch Monty’s planting suggestions to keep garden wildlife happy, including angelica for bees, asters for shade and nectar-rich bulbs for damp shade.

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Plant angelica for bees

Purple angelica (Angelica gigas) is fantastic for attracting bees, hoverflies and butterflies. In this clip, Monty adds these beautiful, wildlife-friendly plants to the jewel garden.

Asters for shade

Monty plants asters in his new orchard borders, choosing varieties that will flower in shade including ‘Little Carlow’ and A. lateriflorus, both excellent for attracting butterflies and bees.

Planting bulbs in damp shade

Monty plants bulbs in an area of damp shade where he has already sown wildflower seeds. His spring-flowering choices include snake’s head fritillary and camassia, which will provide nectar for pollinators next year.