Seeds for free in 2023

Verbena bonariensis and Chilli 'Hot Wax' seeds

As a magazine subscriber* you’ll receive 14 packs of seeds in 2023, to start with your February issue of the magazine. The free seeds are worth over £33. This year’s selection has been chosen to provide colourful flowers and veg, as well as attracting wildlife to your garden. Month by month, you’ll get seeds to sow straight away or keep until the next season.

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February: Verbena bonariensis and chilli seeds

Seeds for free in 2023: February – Verbena bonariensis and Chilli ‘Hot Wax’ seeds

Verbena bonariensis is pollinator friendly and the designers’ dream plant – sow early for months of flowers. Chilli ‘Hot Wax’ is a highly productive chilli that grows well in our cool climate, with mildly hot peppers.

March: Marigold and tomato seeds

Marigold 'Carmen' and Tomato 'Red Cherry'

Seeds for free in 2023: March – Marigold ‘Carmen’ and Tomato ‘Red Cherry’

Marigold ‘Carmen’ is a French marigold that will provide reliable colour in your flower or veg borders. Tomato ‘Red Cherry’ is a sweet, cordon variety, suitable for growing in a greenhouse or outdoors, with bite-size, early fruits.

April: Poppy and cosmos seeds

Poppy 'Black Swan' and Cosmos 'Candy Floss White' seeds

Seeds for free in 2023: April – Poppy ‘Black Swan’ and Cosmos ‘Candyfloss White’

Poppy ‘Black Swan’ has dramatic, dark, frilly flowers that will attract pollinators and admiring glances. Cosmos ‘Candyfloss White’ has classic white cosmos flowers, on compact and bushy plants up to 60cm tall.

May: Kale, morning glory, eschscholzia, nicotiana, oregano and lettuce seeds

Kale, morning glory, eschscholzia, nicotiana, oregano and lettuce seeds

Seeds for free in 2023: May – Kale, morning glory, eschscholzia, nicotiana, oregano and lettuce

Kale ‘Niro Di Costana’ produces large and frost-hardy plants, to give you healthy meals all winter. Morning Glory ‘Heavenly Blue’ has daily, deep-blue blooms on climbing stems, to train up walls, arches, shrubs or trees. Eschscholzia ‘Orange King’ is a Californian poppy with sunny flowers on glaucus foliage – a pollinator favourite. Nicotiana ‘Lime Green’, also known as tobacco plant, is perfect for balancing your border, when mixed into a hot or cool summer scheme. Oregano ‘Greek’ can be started indoors or outside. The flavour-packed leaves are ideal for enhancing tomato and cheese dishes. Lettuce ‘Romaine Ballon’ is best sown in batches, for reliably large, sweet and crunchy salad or braising leaves.

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June: Cornflower and pak choi seeds

Cornflower and pak choi seeds

Seeds for free in 2023: June – Cornflower ‘Black Ball’ and Pak Choi ‘Long White Petiole’

Cornflower ‘Black Ball’ is an easy hardy annual, to sow over several months for heads of dark flowers. Pak Choi ‘Long White Petiole’ is a white-stemmed brassica, for autumn harvests. Use in stir fries and salads

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