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tree planting

Trees add beauty and grace, they make life in the outdoors more enjoyable, peaceful and relaxing. Look for tree planting services near me. We’ll help you select, plant and care for the right trees for your locations.

How much would tree planting cost?

In general, professional planting of small trees ranges from $150 to $300 per tree, while a larger tree (over 15 feet) will run $1,500 to $3,000.

Tree & Shrub Planting Services

We make tree and shrub planting easy. Simply schedule an installation date, mark your desired location with our provided plant flags, and be sure the name of the plant is on each flag. We’ll call Miss Dig to mark the area, then we’ll install your plants!

New Tree & Shrub Care


After planting, trees and shrubs should be watered thoroughly. After the first initial watering, water when soil is dry to the touch – about 1.5-inch or knuckle deep.

Watering will usually be needed every two days, however check regularly and only water when necessary. Too much water or lack of water are top reasons plants fail to grow. Water more frequently during long periods of hot and dry weather. Try to water before noon during warm weather. In the fall, be sure to water any new plants once a week until the ground freezes. It might not be necessary to water when a week’s rainfall is at least 1-inch.

If plants are in clay soil, be sure they do not sit in water.

To encourage a deep root system, let a slow trickle of water soak into the soil at the plant base for 10-15 minutes.


Keep the soil cultivated and grass-free around trees, or mulch with 1 to 2-inches of organic material such as pine, fir or cypress bark, or soil conditioner.


We recommend using Bio-tone Plant Starter Plus at planting time. This should be sufficient for the first year.


Trunk-wrap young trees the first winter season to prevent sun-scald. Remove wrap in warm weather. Evergreens should be screened from wind and salt spray.

Sod & Soil Removal

English Gardens will remove an area large enough to accommodate the root ball of the plant. Whenever possible, English Gardens will incorporate excavated soil into the landscape, however, off-site removal may incur disposal fees.

Plant Removal

The planting area needs to be ready to plant in, with the exception of sod removal. Brush and other debris must be removed prior to the scheduled planting day. Small shrubs may be removed at the time of planting for a fee: $50 per person/per hour plus $50 for off-site disposal. (One hour minimum charge. Advanced notice of removals is required.)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Planting price includes one-time replacement of plants and re-planting of equal or lesser value, with the purchase of soil amendments.